Short odds and ends

Three things I learned this week:

House buying-selling is exhausting. You are required to live up to a neatness standard that only a fugal nun without possessions (and cats) could do. Having a pandemic doesn’t help either. Pass me the bible and the rosary. Oh, that was packed. At least the Clorox is still out.

People be nuts. Ok, I knew this already but this includes today’s kids. My house was rejected by a couple who loved everything about it but the bedrooms weren’t all the same size. We have one that is smaller. By smaller I mean 10 foot by 12 foot. Their kids would fight about who got the smaller one. Perhaps those kids need a week with my dearly departed mother to understand how good they have it. As of this morning (Thursday) the house hasn’t sold but there has been lots of activity. Most of it requiring me to be out of the house so posting will be erratic (again, not erotic although…).

In addition to all this and covid-19, there is a backdrop of insurrection going on that I don’t have the energy for. Did I see it coming? Yes, indeed. You can’t have a raging lunatic running your country without negative outcomes. Ask any banana republic.

59 thoughts on “Short odds and ends

  1. Both my mother and ME would agree about today’s kids. I was more from the “kids should be seen and not heard” era. No rights – rights, what were those? I remember my boss saying to me one time that he and his wife didn’t go somewhere on a holiday because their 10-year-old (at that time) didn’t want them to go there. I never got a choice or any opinion on anything!

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    • Back then parents made decisions based on what was good for the whole family. It wasn’t a democracy and for a very good reason. I may have voiced my opinion and I’m sure they considered any impact on me (big ones like school changes and such) but they made the decision. There was no catering.

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      • Agree with you … I don’t think I was ever asked my opinion and I was told to never repeat what was said in the house. As an only child I could not compare my treatment to an older sibling and I was raised very strictly.

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  2. The kids run the show! I saw a clip of a BRILLIANTmother tell her ungrateful kid in the supermarket “I’ve lived in this world without you, you haven’t lived in it without me.” I think everyone over a certain age silently applauded, while the others were horrified.
    Good luck!

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  3. Amen. I’m just a cat and even I understand that human needs to be impeached and his co-conspirators tossed out on the butts. And same with the little humans. Can someone say ungrateful and spoiled? God bless you and hope you get through it.

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  4. I agree with assertion that we could see violence and insurrection coming. I’m deeply disturbed, but I’m not surprised. And to be up in the air with your own plans right now must only add to emotional fatigue. I’m hoping your house sells very soon! I watch the home-selling/buying shows on HGTV and shake my head all the time at people who are upset because “the foyer isn’t big enough,” or they don’t like the colors. The right family will love your beautiful home!

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  5. I’m sure it will be sold soon but, right now, it must be very frustrating to have to keep your house looking unlived in. As far as what in going on in Washington, it’s hard to articulate the sickness and unease I’m feeling. As I saw on a twitter quote this morning: “So, Trump has access to the nuclear codes but he can’t Tweet or post on Facebook.”

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  6. “You are required to live up to a neatness standard that only a fugal nun without possessions (and cats) could do.” So true! I don’t know how people with children can do it. Hang on…the right buyer will walk through your door soon.

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      • Yes and patience is not one of my fortes! Oh yes and Gracie has a hairball that hasn’t come up yet. She barfed twice yesterday between showings *whacks head on table* At least I was able to clean it up. Don’t know how people with kids do it. I once went through a house and the home owner came home early. She was horrified that her son had cereal and put his bowl and spoon in the sink. I never picked up on it. People live there. Gonna happen.

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        • Once upon a time we bought a house that while we went through the house the teenage son snuck into the kitchen to make himself toast. We could smell the bread all through the downstairs. When his mother, who was also there in the house, caught him I thought she was going to murder him on the spot. We didn’t care because like you said, people live in the house. Whatevs.

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    • I don’t think of our home as a kid’s home but it’s much bigger than the one I was raised in. It was a surprise to see what attracted the first groups to come through. The location is convenient and it’s the most private home in the development which is what I thought would be the draw.

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  7. It seems that in most homes these days kids rule the roost and parents are simply providers. Growing up in my parents house there was no doubt who had the last word. We could give our opinion and maybe there would be some discussion. Then we did as told. And there had better be no whining or complaining.

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  8. Ugh, Kate! I am so happy that the age demographic for selling our house in MO and the condo here were mature adults. I don’t think I could have dealt with families that were concerned over the size of a bedroom for a child. People do be crazy. The backdrop of the insurrection is truly another exhausting layer of stress for you during an already stressful time. My fingers are crossed and my thoughts are hopeful that you see a contract very soon. Hang in there, Kate!

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  9. I have been watching your shenanigans in Washington and I am glad I live the other side of the Atlantic. No we don’t admire your democracy. I hope you get back to business as normal soon. We are in tier 5 lockdown. (We did not even know there was a tier 5. ) with freezing fog today and snow expected tomorrow.

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  10. Maybe that’s what is wrong with Donald Trump ~> his parents stuck him in the small room and it warped his ego. 😯

    Yesterday’s goings on at the Capital and his sociopathic/psychopathic incitement of the violence opened the eyes of a number of republicans who have been “humoring” him since he lost the election. They now see just how dangerous he is, causing them to back away from giving him continued support. Good. There was a mass exodus at the WH of aides who could no longer stomach being around him. Good. Biden will be inaugurated on 1/2/21. GOOD!

    And GOOD LUCK to you!

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  11. I hope the right one who loves it not as a house but as a home is there soon… the kids disaster reminds me ow my 3 cow-sins, they fought for the room with a balcony once and it was a kind of armageddon in the air… my aunt was the last (wo)man standing and said, guess what, this is MY room now… and the 3 warriors had to share one room at the end… karma?

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  12. I don’t know of too many houses where the bedrooms are all the same size. Is that how they are building them these days? My thoughts are if the kids don’t have room size to fight about they’ll just move on to something else…like proximity to the bathroom. That’s just what kids do and it’s up to the parents to manage this. And by manage I mean exert their authority and make some decisions that the kids need to abide by. Perhaps if parents squelched their kids bickering early on instead of pandering to it, we wouldn’t be seeing events like yesterday’s horror show in Washington happening.


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    • We have 3 large bedrooms and one smaller one. I thought that’s how they build a house but maybe not. In any case, they lose. It’s two blocks from the kids’ private school which is what has been attracting the first buyers. Everyone looks for something different. I’m finding that out!

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  13. Amen on the banana republic lunatic and HOORAY for the house-peeking activities. Interest is there – now it just needs to be the RIGHT interest and that’s gonna happen. Let’s hope sooner v. later. Hang in there………….this too shall pass!!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Yes and soon. I’m getting grumpy! I miss my alone time and there is a sense of violation when people come through your house. I should set up cameras to watch them! (No, I wouldn’t go to the trouble but it’s a thought)


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