Weird stuff in the ‘hood

The other night I woke up around 3 a.m. That’s not my favorite time. It’s when all the negativity settles in my brain and makes me bat shit crazy but this time it wasn’t my own neurosis that woke me up.

I heard or rather felt a thumping bass. It was like having the car in front of you with their music turned up so the international space station can hear it. As I became more awake I was sure I heard voices. Singing voices.

Was this the pearly gates? Had I kicked the bucket? Do they play this kind of music in heaven? I was expecting harps.

It was more likely the TV turned itself on. That happened once and we don’t know why. I could always feign fear and wake up the beloved husband blissfully snoring. That wouldn’t be nice as he has a lot of trouble sleeping and 3 a.m. isn’t a good time for him either.

I got up and went downstairs to check the TV. It’s not on. Then I started to check appliances. In my fog I seemed to remember the radio waves can come through stuff. It wasn’t in my teeth either. I listened outside in the back yard and it wasn’t there.

We get sounds from park concerts and fireworks but it was 3 a.m. What kind of concert (which are banned) would be going on at 3 a.m.?

Finally the beloved husband woke up. I knew he eventually would because he’s a much lighter sleeper than I am. Normally I sleep through storms and hurricanes. My mother always thought I could sleep through a war but fortunately we never tested that theory.

He heard the noise too. Loud music noise with vocals. He got up and did the exact same thing I did. We concluded it wasn’t anything in or around our house and we didn’t have any control. We turned on the white noise machine and tried to go back to sleep. It was difficult as the music noise was louder than the white noise.

It went on for about a half hour and then it abruptly stopped. I’m convinced another neighbor had called the police who had found the source and stopped it.

We’ll never know what it was but my best guess was that it was a car on a nearby street sitting in a driveway grooving. Either that or there was a party of rogues in the park about two blocks from me.

I never did get back to sleep. Next time (if there is a next time) I’d like to pick the sound track. If I’m going to be awake I want to get my groove on. Maybe a little Electric Slide or Uptown Funk or I Got a Feeling! (The best part on the video below starts at 30 seconds.)

54 thoughts on “Weird stuff in the ‘hood

  1. I dread every Sunday because the neighbors on the corner are up to the wee hours of the morning … especially on Cinco de Mayo weekends. In my ‘hood there was a murder 1 1/4 miles away and the murderer is at large. It was not random, but he shot/killed a guy and shot his girlfriend, who lived. He then flew the coop – no description of the perp and I’ve been driving to the Park because chatty ol’ me, might just be chattin’ it up with the murderer. Sigh.

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      • I drove again today and they finally put a short article in our local paper which I follow online – they asked for tips, yet gave no description of the murderer. I’m going to assume he is miles away too and will return to walking to the Park next week and it will be lighter out thankfully. I didn’t even leave the house until almost 9:00 and I start work at 11:00. I wondered why I bothered as it was a cold and blustery day.

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  2. We’ve had weird stuff too! Cat Daddy’s electric razor kept turning itself on. Even when the sliding switch was in the OFF position, it was still on and buzzing. The only thing we could do was let it run down until it was out of charge and then bin it. 😬

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    • I have a relative whose next door neighbor has a small construction company. He often brings home a big truck which he starts up at 4:30 a.m. next to the kids’ bedroom window. It’s illegal to have run a company out of your home in that neighborhood. Where is common sense? Gone the way of the horse and buggy.

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    • I was. At first I tried to go with the music but it was not music I like. Then it went on for so long. When the white noise machine, which covers a lot of things, didn’t cover it, I was really annoyed.


  3. I do have those “pearly gate” moments, too, Kate. I forgot all about the radio waves/teeth thing. When I was working I would go on very early morning walks before work. Leave house 4:45am. Every once in awhile a house would still have a lingering party going on. Always thankful I did not live near them. Hopefully a one time thing for you.

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    • That is late for a party. Because I’m neurotic and like to clean up afterward, even when I was young I started to herd out so everyone was gone by midnight at the latest (unless it was New Year’s Eve then they had to be out by 1).

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    • They have turned on my computer but since I “sleep” it, they can do that by stepping on the keyboard (one of their favorite things to do). With the TV they’d have to step on a specific button on the remote which would be harder but not impossible.


  4. 3 am seems to be my Pumpkin Hour … but I can’t blame any random party somewhere in the neighbourhood. I’m just a crappy sleeper. Like last night. I’ve been awake since 3 am. The world is a little less rosy when I haven’t had the zzzs.

    Hopefully your interruption is a one-off and you get all the zzzs you need 🙂

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  5. Love that song!
    Sorry to hear your sleep was disturbed, Kate. Mine is on the regular, thanks to the McStompersons living above me and the Party Bros living below me. And let’s not forget the Crazy M living beside me (blissfully quiet lately but due for a “blow” anytime soon, I figure). Last night it sounded like the McStompersons were dropping bowling balls onto their bedroom floor, at 3 am. By the time I move out of here, I should be able to sleep through the Apocalypse, I figure. 😉


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    • I’m so sorry your apartment isn’t more quiet. Maybe that will push to find another place. The woman who owned the first gym I went to lived on the first floor. A college guy lived above her. He was quiet and all was good until he got a girlfriend. She did exercising that was loud probably similar to the McStompersons. And she did a lot of it!

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  6. We have an event barn in the cow pasture next to us. The first summer we were here, there were parties there almost every other weekend. Thankfully, the loud music always stopped by 11 pm. This COVID year, we heard only one or two parties.

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  7. We’ve often thought the only reason some cars move forward is propulsion from the stereo systems within. We have our fair share of boomers in their cars, but normally not in the early hours. As for your TV coming on sometimes, it’s happened to our neighbour as she leaves it on standby because it’s connected to something else (not sure what but it needs 24/7 power) and if there’s a power surge or power cut, it trips the switch to on.

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  8. OK, we had a similar thing happen here years ago. The house where the loud music came from had outdoor speakers for their music system and they’d accidentally sent the music outside as well as inside. Because it was so loud inside their house they didn’t realize it was also going outside. A neighbor figured it out, called them, and the music stopped instantly. It was trippy– and annoying.

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    • I had outdoor speakers at another house but I never had the music loud. I’m thinking it came from the park 2 blocks away although we rarely get noise from there so it must have been some sound system.


  9. There is nothing more annoying than music you cannot control. Once upon a time, back when there was actual school, I had a parent insist on blasting music while waiting for their kid. Andy went out and spoke nicely to him. He turned the music up, even though it’s illegal to blast music near a church, school, or hospital.

    I went out with a dog and gave him a copy of the statute. He said, “Well, I’ll be gone before any cops come.”

    I was like, “And you won’t be back to pick up your kid ever?!”

    I didn’t call the cops, because our cops are out of control, but one did show within a week, probably for something unrelated. He turned dow his music after that.

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