Things that only happen at my gym

There is a woman who befriended me at the gym in the past few months. Mostly I sidestep her (that’s a polite way of saying avoid). She’s chatty. Far too chatty for me before my Starbucks but she’s a nice lady.

I passed her by as she was talking to a few women about health foods. She’s big on hemp and chia seeds. I was curious and bought the chia seeds but hesitated about the hemp. She volunteered to bring me a sample.

The day she brought the sample I wasn’t there so she gave it to someone else. You snooze you lose. When she saw me she asked if I tried it. I told her that she gave it to someone else. She thought it was me but promised to bring it in the next day we’d be there together. I was there and she wasn’t. That’s OK.

A week later she asked if I had tried it. I said she hadn’t given me any. As it turns out she brought some in and gave it to yet another woman she thought was me and insisted it was on the appointed day (except she wasn’t there). She promised to try again (for the third time).

By this time I really didn’t give a hoot. If I want to try it, I’ll buy it.

A week later she gave me a sample. We had a good laugh that she had given it twice to someone she thought was me. (There is no one in the gym who looks remotely like me.) She said (wait for it….) “all white old women look alike!”

She’s white, my age and we don’t look at all alike. I’m the only blonde older woman in the morning. The rest are gray or brunette. I also resent being called old. I’m in late middle-age which lasts until 80.

For point of reference, the old white guys at the gym do all look alike. Same gray streaked hair or none, ever so slightly portly and very sweaty. Oh yeah, black socks. Who wears black socks to the gym?

Now I have hemp seeds to try. She gave me some good ideas where I can sneak them in without overwhelming a dish.

She’s entertaining and gave me a blog post but I still sidestep her when possible.


73 thoughts on “Things that only happen at my gym

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  2. LOL! That all does sound kind of odd. Interested to hear what you think of the hemp seeds! I have tried chia seeds, and they are fine. But I do keep thinking they would better be employed on a humerous pottery figurine 😉

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  3. So funny — especially because there’s a lady like that at my gym (who I also politely ‘sidestep’ whenever possible). The only difference is that mine has never offered me hemp or chia seeds…unless she mixed me up with some other “older, white woman” and gave them to her! 🙂

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  4. That’s a very funny story! I guess chia and hemp aren’t very good at boosting memory! LOL! I regularly use both chia and hemp seeds and think they’re at least participating in my keeping cholesterol down. Maybe it’s all coincidence, but they’re easy to incorporate in other foods so I go for it!

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  5. I have a guy like at my gym too. He stops me every time I’m on my way to a machine, and I end up talking to him for sometimes up to 10 minutes. Meanwhile my wife has already started, so we’re never finished at the same time. It’s the curse of the extrovert. – Marty

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    • I don’t mind a small (very small) chat and I do that with a few but nope, not 10 minutes. There is one woman from my old gym and maybe twice a year we will catch up for 10 minutes on who we’ve seen. That’s it.


  6. I’d love to know how you like the hemp seeds… are they supposed to have magical properties? The lady sounds a bit off (I’m trying to be polite). Good for a blog post or two, but anyone who calls me an “old white lady” won’t get much more of my time. And, a tablespoon of chia seeds before bed to inflate your stomach? How about just staying in bed and not snacking at night… or is that too crazy?

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  7. Everybody has commented about the woman with the seeds who doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders so I’m going to comment about the black socks. Black socks with athletic shoes or men’s athletic slides were trendy in Missouri. I just thought okay, we are talking Missouri. But then here in Florida it is a thing too! Not just with oldsters/mature peeps. Young kids doing athletics, coming to the workout room or just out and about wear black socks with their footwear. I think I am fascinated by it because of ShortsSandalsNoSocks. Got a picture of our great nephew, he’s 6 and supposedly trendy… black Under Armour slides with black no show socks! Seeds…just sesame for me… 🙂 Maybe I’m not firing on all cylinders today… Ha!

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  8. That’s hilarious! Was it the same person she gave them to each time, or two different people who “looked like you”? They must have thought she was completely unhinged. “Hello again! Here you go. [Hands over seeds.] Let me know what you think!” 🤣

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  9. Not into seeds myself Kate, though there are some in my granola cereal that I sprinkle on top of my yogurt and fruit salad. I like my (brazil) nuts covered in chocolate. Don’t think I’d like to bloat while I slept. I get enough wind as it is!

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    • The most annoying part (for me) is that she will talk to you for 15 minutes if you let her. Another gym friend complains all the time. I never allowed a friendship to develop so we are mostly just “hi” acquaintances. She is probably an interesting person. She spent last winter in southeast asia, mostly Vietnam. She must have stories (and eaten weird things).

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    • I had decided that if she asked again, that’s exactly what I would do. I really think she’s a little wacky. Hmmm…you are right about the seeds. Her theory on having her stomach swell overnight made no sense to me at all. Hemp seeds are very soft, like bread crumbs which is how she uses them. Someone in the house either has celiac or is gluten sensitive and that’s how she “breads” things.

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  10. I like how you’re able to find the humor in going to the gym. I never could do that. I also cannot do chia seeds. They taste awful to me– and I don’t care how much you try to disguise their flavor with other flavors. *blech*

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