A youth invasion!

A picture from August at their new school and new lockers.

Fresh towels are out. Food is bought. Puzzles and DVDs are ready. Plans are made. The weather is perfect.

The granddaughters are coming.

When they come, it’s a whirlwind of activity. There are places to go and things to buy. This year it’s winter coats. We are past the multi-colored clothes of toddlerhood and into pre-teen tastes. I’m excited to see what they chose.

It’s the last week for the local park. The roller coaster will beckon and the beloved husband is looking forward to a ride or two. They will fill up on clams, seafood and other things “east coast.”

There aren’t many young children in our family. Thirty is considered young. Having two 12 year olds around will be eye-opening and exhausting (in a good way).

In the blink of an eye they will be gone. All that will remain is dirty laundry, food that didn’t get eaten, four cats wondering what all the commotion was about and two tired old folks.

These are blessed times. In a few years there will be other activities claiming their attention. This is a time to make memories.

60 thoughts on “A youth invasion!

  1. I’m obviously reading your posts out of order and I know they have come and gone. You are so right though, this time together, while chaotic and disruptive (in a good way 🙂), is also fleeting. It’s wonderful for both you and them, that you get to have this precious time together. They will always have those memories 💕

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  2. Beautiful young ladies, Kate, and you’re right, this time is very special. In a few years they will be occupied with their own lives, as we all were. The house may seem like chaos when there around, but very quiet when they leave. I hope you had/ have a great time laying your “east coast” vibe on them..:)

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    • It is chaotic and noisy. I’m enjoying a quiet spot when everyone is asleep. The gray cats are loving all the attention. When they leave it will be super quiet. If the days gets too noisy, I can always get a second Starbucks to medicate.

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  3. I only saw my grandparents once every 5 years… we lived overseas… but I remember each conversation and shopping trip with the greatest love…. we moved back to USA when I was 18 so our time together was then more often of course…

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  4. Enjoy every moment! Some of my best memories are times with my grandparents and I do a lot of things because that’s how they taught me. You have more impact than you might think! Can’t wait to see what clothes they choose:)

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    • yes and maybe. The grays will come out eventually (hours). Mollie will try to retain her bed which will be used by one of the interlopers. Hazel I may not see until after they leave. She will come out to eat and poop when no one is around.

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    • This will be new for Gracie but she’s not a shy cat. May take her a few hours but I’m hopeful she’ll be out and about. Morgan loves company. The other two will be plotting and scheming to be back at me. Really stinky poos in the litter box!


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