Reality life — How much do you Photoshop?

maxine-beautyThis past week I had an appointment. To know who I was meeting with, I looked her up on her company’s website. They had a picture and bio. Woo hoo!

It turns out the picture was the farthest thing from the truth. I couldn’t pick her out of a crowd.

How did we get to a point where we massage our photos to the point where they don’t look like us? At all! What’s the point anyway?

In my head I look differently than I do in the mirror. I assume that the mirror is wrong and I’m ok with that. I don’t change pictures so I look like the latest fad. Ok, I may zap out an age spot but moving stuff around? No! (I don’t know how to do that but I wouldn’t anyway. Your friends know where your nose is and how big it is.)

Afterward I revisited the company’s website and I didn’t recognize anyone from the people I saw at the shop. They must have some photographer working for them. Maybe I’ll have him do my obit picture.

38 thoughts on “Reality life — How much do you Photoshop?

  1. What’s a horror is that it’s not only photoshop – the plastic surgeons are doing flourishing business in updating faces for selfies and social media pictures – there are even ads for appropriately updated named procedures for chins, eyes, and all sorts of facial sagging.
    Soon we’ll approach Brazil’s rate of cosmetic surgery.
    The joke’s out though – people are waking up to the online photo faking…could be a reason many are closing down accounts?
    (company name badges, passports and driver’s licenses – a whole different experience with reality!)

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  2. I don’t know how to photoshop – and I’m so overwhelmed with all of this other tech stuff, I will NEVER make myself learn. But besides that, really? These people are that vain, that they need to change their appearance via a good photographer and fake additions? This actually appalls me. Our society has become too ‘me-centric’ any way with Facebook and selfies, etc. The charm of our aging faces is the lines of laughter, the dark circles of reading up too late at night, the crow’s feet from staring out into the sun. Don’t take those away!!!

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  3. Haha I just had my passport photo updated and seriously I am not sure if it’s just the worst photo ever or if I really walk around looking like that but when I compare it to my passport photo of 10 years ago it could honestly be one of those “before meth, after meth” photos. I have these dark rings under my eyes, I look so gaunt and tired. It really shocked me!

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    • Passports and driver’s license photos are another topic. I once had my driver’s license photo taken and the woman looked at it and said, “Oh honey, we have to take this again and smile this time.” It was that bad.

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  4. Hahaha! So so true. Why would you do that? It only causes shock, not good shock, when you meet in person.
    We have to ask for patient’s drivers licenses now a days and let me tell you something I just learned. You do not have to get a new photo every 4 years. Apparently, you can use older photos. We just had someone, who I swear used their yearbook photo from 1972 for god sakes! My face just said it all without me ever having to say a word.

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    • I have to confess. I had to wear a badge at work. We transitioned to a new security system which required new photos. I insisted they use my 5 year old one on the new badge. I wasn’t going to chance having to wear an ugly photo around my neck. Speaking of old photos, the obits are a great source of old photos. People in their 80s look like they just graduated from high school because that’s the photo they used!

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  5. lol…you know I’ve met people whose photo I’ve seen on websites and froze when they introduced themselves. They didn’t look at all like their photos. I’ve never photoshopped a photo for any reason. Sooner or later you get found out and the reaction ain’t pretty..;)

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    • I admit it! I have photoshopped the cats. Mostly because they were in shadows and I tweaked the lighting. However, I never took out any wrinkles! Promise. Your reaction is similar to mine the other day. What’s the point of posting employee photos on a work site if they don’t look like the people?

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  6. During my brief, awful period of online dating after my first marriage, I saw first hand how people use younger pictures of themselves sites. I met one woman for coffee and she didn’t look anything like her profile picture. I almost think she might have just taken one of someone else off the Internet and used it as herself!

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    • Whenever you are going to actually meet someone in person, it’s better to stay honest even if you remove a blemish or two. Going extreme makes people wonder what else you are lying about. I bet you could do a post or two about those experiences!


  7. I am amazed at the glamor in the real estate business here. Pretty much all the woman must be ex-international models based on their pics….. until you see them. What I don’t understand is why? The only explanation that I can think of is perhaps the larger proportion of potential buyers are male, and the real estate business is marketing based on delusions of having sex? You would think that they would want quite the opposite image out there wouldn’t you? I guess I am getting old!

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    • We’re both getting old. I’ve never had sex with a realtor but I’ve seen those pictures too. I saw a picture of a friend. She’s pretty and mid-40s. The picture was obviously altered. She looked like 16. Every told her how beautiful it was. I enjoy my own delusions but don’t post them. I keep them in my head.

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  8. I don’t know much about Photoshop. I like to mess around with making flower photos look snazzy, but as for changing how people look, not interested. Too much effort for a pointless [imho] result. Be who you are.

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