Storm preparation – Kate style or Jonas comes a-callin’

Front view of our neighbor's house across the street. No, the camera is not blurry. That's how bad the visibility it.

View of our neighbor’s house across the street. No, the camera is not blurry. That’s how bad the visibility is.

The first one is always the worst. No one is prepared.

In our area the first one happens before Christmas. That’s when you are busy with holiday distractions. You aren’t paying attention. Then one day there is white stuff all over and the trip to Starbucks is white-knuckle. Boogers!

This year is different. There was no snow until now. It’s mid-January. Rather late in the game. I’m not complaining although the skiers are.

We were alerted to this storm when it was over the Pacific Ocean. We live near the eastern coast of the US near the Atlantic Ocean. That’s at least a week in advance.

The warnings were ominous. Some forecasters were even suggesting we’d need new words to describe it. Snowmageddon was already taken (2010) as were snowpocalypse and snoverload.

There were hourly updates…while it was still brewing over the Pacific. Not a flurry in sight.

This was serious stuff. (With no holiday stories, January is a slow month for local journalism.)

They kept reminding us to prepare so the beloved husband and I journeyed to the grocery store. Our list was modest. We bought milk, juice, fruit and potatoes. Don’t read anything into that list. It’s what we needed.

When we came home we checked to see what we forgot (we always forget something, it’s tradition). We were out of catnip. I had planned to use my snowed-in status to make new catnip mousies. The cats were not happy.

I went back to the store. I stood in line with people who not only had milk, eggs and bread in their carts but also the makings of chili, soups and stews. (Perhaps I should go home with them?)

I had fresh tomatoes and catnip in my cart. We all have our priorities. I saw a few raised eyebrows. (Hey, it’s my second trip!)

A quick stop at our liquor store provided assurance that there will be margaritas. You don’t want to get cranky. (Oops! Too late for that!)

We charged our devices in case of a power outage. (The beloved husband refers to this as topping off the tanks.)

The cars are gassed and there is gas for the snow blower. We are ready.

That is except for my Starbucks run which cannot be done in advance and is cancelled.

Note to all my east coast friends: Stay safe and stay warm!

Robins were here yesterday stocking up on water and crabapples! Two seconds before I snapped this picture there were 8 birds at the bird bath!

Robins were here yesterday stocking up on water and crab apples! Two seconds before I snapped this picture there were 8 birds at the bird bath!


36 thoughts on “Storm preparation – Kate style or Jonas comes a-callin’

  1. Kate what an amazing photo, I know to you snow can be a hindrance but to people like us who never experienced a snow fall like this…. its amazing. I often wonder where the birds go in heavy rain. But can’t imagine such frail creatures surviving a snow storm. One more month and you will be in spring.


  2. I certainly thought of you when I saw the trajectory of the storm. I watched some Sunday morning news shows that showed scenes that made me cold just watching them. And now we’re even hearing stories of those who lost their lives, and that makes the ferocity of the storm even more fierce. It’s also interesting to hear that you were being “warned” a full week before the storm. Weather radar is helpful in at least getting you out to the store to stock up in cat nip!

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    • This morning we are having a bout with some freezing rain. It was never predicted. It’s not bad out yet (got my SB) but if it keeps up there will be a layer of ice on top of the lumpy snow. Most of the deaths are from shoveling heart attacks. Scary.


    • Maybe tomorrow. I hope the sun comes out. My husband took some pictures today but I didn’t see them. All the ones I took were during the worst part of the storm and the visibility was bad. Trust me you don’t want to be in this kind of weather.


  3. We have COLD and no snow. 30 degrees is COLD for Florida! And windy. If the wind wasn’t blowing I’d be ok. Of course this is the night we have to go out in this COLDNESS to watch Andrew perform with the NWFSO. Anything for your kids you know! Stay warm Kate and have a margarita for me. ~Elle


  4. We in DC are at 22-24″ and snow still coming down hard and heavy. Unlike you I stocked up on junk food so we’re getting by on home cooked meals with a side of really bad for you tasty treats. It works for us. Stay safe and warm!


  5. I always feel the person in front or behind me at the checkout buys more interesting things than me. We got up, turned on the Weather Channel, and I began texting friends in DC. Just like Autumnashbough I also began to get pictures texted back of the snow. As a courtesy, I took a picture of the bread aisle today at the grocery store all stocked up. 🙂 Stay safe and warm, Kate!


  6. I’m getting great pictures from my siblings on the East Coast. Lots of before and after photos with drifting snow up to 4 feet.

    Their biggest worries are their pets. One dog just sits on the front porch, staring. Guess they are gonna find out how long his bladder can hold out.


    • Yes it is. I don’t normally post on Saturday but what the heck. Anything to avoid shoveling. It’s 7:40 and it’s stopped here. We are close to 2 feet but haven’t heard the official count yet. We get a lot of drifting in our yard so it’s hard to tell.


  7. We live in the same neighborhood! I did a double take on your photo because that’s the view out our front door, almost exactly. Hoping that you’re safe and warm, despite what your photo shows. The forecast here was for 6″ of snow, but we got none… much to the chagrin of the TV weather authorities.


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