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Source: All about hydrangea

Source: All about hydrangeas

After weeks of drought, we are getting a lot of rain. Temperatures dropped 25 degrees and it’s been raining pitchforks. Not complaining, we needed it but a nice warm steady rain would have worked too. Rain days are good to get inside work done. Hot coffee tastes just a little bit better especially with a shot of chocolate.

Over the weekend I walked the yard and found some surprises – some good, some not so good.

The good – I have hydrangea bushes that get the nice big blue flowers (hydrangea macrophilla, Nikko blue). There are three huge bushes that bloom all summer and are stunning. They are sensitive to cold winter weather and the buds will freeze. Last year there weren’t any flowers. Since this past winter was also brutal I wasn’t expecting any again but there are a lot of buds. I was thinking of replacing them with a less sensitive variety. They must have read my mind and decided to produce. Wahoo!

The bad – The deer have been visiting. I bought new deer repellant last year (the new stuff doesn’t smell like dirty ass like the old stuff did) but I’ve been lax in putting it out. There is nothing like fresh deer teeth marks to get my rear in gear.

Duty calls – One of the women at my gym was called to federal jury duty. Despite the fact that we have three federal courthouses within 10 minutes to 45 minutes away, she was called to our “big city.” On a good day that’s a 90 minute trip in the most brutal of traffic. It took her 2-1/2 hours. Fortunately for her she wasn’t selected. Based on the mood she was in while telling the story, it’s fortunate for the defendant too.


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  1. Sounds like your garden is coming to life. I would love to see a photo of the deer. They are way too shy to come close to the house here. I have never been on jury duty and maybe being cranky is a good way to get off. Happy rainy week to you. My plants have all keeled over in a vicious frost.


  2. I’ve known a few folks called to Federal jury duty. After hearing them talk about it, I’m not sure I wouldn’t be the one getting tried if I was asked to serve. They seem to always send you off to the court farthest away.


  3. I love hydrangeas. My mom always had some, and I have some now in front of the house.

    I was expecting hot weather in the Midwest. The forecast was for 90 degrees when I left home two weeks ago. So I packed a sleeveless dress and sandals for my grandson’s graduation and didn’t bring a jacket. I just about froze in the cold and rain.


    • Weather all over is bi-polar this year. We went from a daytime high of 88 to 52 in 24 hours. Hope the graduation came off without a hitch (even if Grandma was cold). I too love hydrangeas. It’s one of the first plants I planted when I moved here. I have many different varieties. The blues are beautiful but so are the big peegee hydrangeas that have the huge heads that dry so nicely.


  4. I have had beautiful hydrangeas for years, Kate. Several of them and they’re pretty hardy. They are doing okay in the drought. I can’t water them excessively, but I’m doing what I can to keep them alive. Last year the blooms were smaller than average and so far they’re budding and trying to put on their game face! We’ll see. But I did one of those walks around the garden, too, and my gardenias aren’t looking too healthy. I just wish I could know for certain whether every garden problem I have is water related, or if I’m ignoring other issues. I am not enjoying this drought, but hearing about Texas has me terrified to even think what would happen if we had that kind of rain. And it sounds like your weekend rain was a bit of a surprise, too. I’m trying to develop some gardening resilience. I am frequently befuddled!


  5. We had some hard rain early yesterday that morphed into a sweet soft rain in the afternoon. Was wonderful. Your flowers are stunning! What a delight to see. I have only been called for jury duty once and trials scheduled got cancelled for one reason or another. Fine with me. Now that I am old I don’t have to serve if I don’t want to. Yay!


  6. Weirdly enough, because I live in a desert, I have hydrangeas. They are in a corner area that is shaded to some extent from the sun and heat. A neighbor recently comments that she hoped I wouldn’t take them out because I am the only person she knows with hydrangeas. They bloom every summer, so I have no intention of removing them. I leave them alone and give them water. They seem to like my neglect.

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  7. My favorite day when I worked in the courthouse was when the juries were called. My library was right next to the jury assembly room, and I would sneak in there to fetch juror coffee. The jury administrator was most kind with my transgression. 🙂

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  8. I used to like being called for jury duty when I was working – it gave me a nice break from my routine. Now that I’m retired, I suspect a summons won’t be nearly as welcomed.

    I find that threatening my plants sometimes works in my garden too.


    • I’ve been called for local many times but never picked. I was called for federal once and served on a drug trial. What an eye opener. It’s very costly to have a jury trial and the prosecution did not have their act together. We had no choice but to let the guy go even though we knew he was a bad dude. It’s all about the evidence.

      This spring I was going to pull out my rhododendrons because they weren’t doing well. The root was hidden in ground cover and when I uncovered to pull out I found out that there was no soil around it. It was full of buds so I replanted and it’s blooming it’s little heart out for the first time in 5 years. Yes, threatening does work (and so would checking the root to make sure nothing wonky was going on).

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    • Yes. Here especially for federal in the city. Her husband accompanied her and waited in the juror lounge. He’s a saint. When they bloom they are stunning. However I lose the blooms once every couple of years.


      • We’ve never had hydrangeas. They aren’t popular around here. I don’t know why really. [A woman with more energy would go research that right now, but I’m happy to allow this to remain a mystery. Instead, I’ll just enjoy yours!]


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