Random five for October 19

Courtesy of mycutegraphics

Courtesy of mycutegraphics

That spidey sense — I don’t have a fear of spiders. I usually rehome them outdoors when I find them except for the shower. Perhaps it’s my nakedness but spiders and me in the shower with the door closed can freak me out. This week I walked though a web in the garage. As I got into my car I saw something dangling on my glasses. That’s a little too close but I’m not yet freaked. (Cars are a lot like showers. No place to run!) It was dark in the garage. After several attempts to catch it, I had no idea where it was. (Isn’t it amazing how everything starts itching?) Maybe it’s in my clothes or on the floor or in my hair (Eek!). This is all pre-coffee to I took off to Starbucks. As I was in the drive-through getting ready to order my drink du jour, I found the little bugger. My order consisted of stammering, yelping and other unintelligent sounds. The person inside had to work me through my order. I caught the spider in a tissue and all the itching stopped. Unfortunately it was the end of the line for him.

Déjà vu all over again or dumb and dumber  Sporadically I read a continuing book series. I don’t read them in order. You don’t need to because each book is complete on its own. The characters are the same from book to book but the mystery is different. It’s an adult version of the Bobbsey Twins (with a little sexual tension). When I saw one of the books at my gym lending library, I read the jacket. It didn’t sound familiar so I borrowed it. I read it this past week. After 50 pages I realized I had read it before but I didn’t remember the ending. It was like reading a new book.

Whassup with WordPress? – Maybe WordPress changed things or maybe I clicked something but my reader page is different. The blogs I follow used to be on the left with a sidebar on the right. Now it’s reversed. It shouldn’t be a big deal but I don’t like it. I haven’t figured out how it happened or how to change it. Don’t you hate when that happens?

My body parts read my blog! – Woo hoo! After blogging about my unmanageable hair, it has reformed. Either that or it finally grew out enough to do what it’s supposed to do. If I blog about my wrinkles, do you think they’ll leave?

Sleep, blissful sleep – The beloved husband and I took a field trip this week. We ran errands and had a wonderful lunch. Neither of us are big lunch eaters. If we eat too much we get the sleepies. I ordered a house salad. How boring is that? Not at all! It was an Italian house salad that included all sorts of wonderful things and a lot of it. What was the cost? Two hours for a nice afternoon nap! Worth every minute!

How was your week?

33 thoughts on “Random five for October 19

  1. I could use about 11 hours of sleep right about now.

    Oh, and I saw a story on Yahoo! this week about a researcher in some rainforest or jungle somewhere happening upon the world’s biggest spider while out on a walk. Based on the accompanying photo, the critter was quite a bit larger than an adult male hand. Its legs were thicker than the man’s fingers, and its fangs were 2-inches long.

    I hope neither of us ever finds one of those in our cars.


  2. I’m not seriously freaked out by a spider in the shower. But once I was attacked by a three-inch-long flying cockroach. Oooo! I felt his sticky, rough legs on my skin and brushed him off. But he just kept flying crazily around the bathroom and bedroom, too fast for me to catch, even after I dressed. I can’t remember how I got rid of him. I just remember that it didn’t happen fast.

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  3. I wouldn’t want a spider to see me naked either, and as far as his demise goes, and this is from someone who relocates water bugs, even a spider should know its boundaries.
    Lunch. Maybe you can do that more often. To sit and loll with someone you love, what’s better than that….with food.

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  4. Your spider story was funny, Kate. 🙂 I’m not thrilled with the WP change. I had hoped it was a glitch that first day, but then it remained.
    Not only do I re-read books I’ve read, by accident, but I used to purchase books that were already on my shelf. Thankfully Amazon tells me when I’ve already purchased a book for my Kindle…I love that!
    Have a great week!


  5. Spiders are just a fact of life out here. I watched grandson grappling and groping in front of him just walking to the mailbox. Where do those webs connect from?
    Talking about re-reading, how about seeing a movie twice? I have to brag…I actually rented a movie husband has not seen yet. Usually I bring one home and he has already seen it, but he’s a good sport about it — “Oh, good, I don’t mind watching that again.” Still I do strive to not hear the “again” part.
    On wp: I have to fill out my name, rank and serial # on every comment. I guess I need to check to see if all my settings jive…what changed? Annoying.


    • That last part only happens to me occasionally or on blogs that are self-hosted. Sometimes I have to sign into WP to access anything at all. I just do what they ask. I have given up trying to figure out how it happens.


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