Random Five for August 17

A week of sadness – I experienced a real sadness about the loss of Robin Williams. I can’t explain it but it affected my snark. It really is hard to be funny when you can’t feel it.

money pouchRebates – I hate them! In January I bought a nifty electric toothbrush that is supposed to be great for my teeth. It was outrageously expensive but there was a rebate that made it somewhat reasonable. The form said it would take 8 to 10 weeks. At 16 weeks I wrote them a note and resent all the info. For a $5 rebate, I wouldn’t bother but this one was substantial. They were betting I would forget about it. After another 8 weeks I got it but I have really bad feelings about the company. I think it’s weasely to promise something then make people wait so long. (My snark may be on the down low but my whining is doing great, isn’t it?)

This one is hanging outside a bedroom window.

This one is hanging outside a bedroom window.

Well that’s a hornet’s nest! – A large insect nest hanging from the 2nd story gutter of our home turned out to be a hornet’s nest. It’s too high to knock down safely (with occupants inside) and ever since my wasp incident where I ended up with a dozen stings, I am very cautious. A call to a local apiary guy advised us to leave it alone until after the first hard frost, then to knock it down. The hornets die with the frost except for some queen bee larvae which will hatch next year and start the cycle all over. Since they aren’t annoying us, we will let them live. Bees in our area are down. Most insects of that type are not aggressive unless threatened. I have a bee’s nest by my garden. I walk by and talk to them every day. We have a symbiotic relationship. They never bother me and I never bother them but they do a nice job of pollinating my garden.

A real sign of aging – I was in the doctor’s office waiting this week and picked up an issue of People Magazine. You know you are getting old when you don’t recognize most of the “celebrities.”

So where is summer? – We had “fall” weather here this week. It’s around 50 degrees when we get up with a high of 70. What’s with that? My tomatoes are not happy. They like heat. It’s been an all around bad year for tomatoes here and this is not helping. On a more positive note, I have peaches from my trees. Typically the trees produce 200 or more peaches and the critters eat them all. I have picked about two dozen and that is a miracle!

And how was your week?

20 thoughts on “Random Five for August 17

  1. Kate I am sad about Robin too, I wish he had been able to get help. Its a lonely old world when depression takes hold. I will treasure his movies The Fisher King being one of my huge faves. Good luck with your hornets. I like bees too, as long as they stay away from my husband who is allergic. But he loves being in the garden and never worries too much about them. A real sign of ageing for me is I don’t know any of the songs on the radio. Love your space and writing. happy week to you. Kath


  2. I was saddened by Robin’s death. He made us happy yet happy was not something he had.
    I rarely send the rebate things but I did sign up for one of those class action law suits once. Forgot about it until about 2 years later when I got a nice check.
    We have wasp nests on our roof every year…since I live on the top floor they fly around my balcony…very annoying. Takes the management company a while to do anything but they do get tired of hearing from me and get it taken care of.
    I have no idea who the in celebs are.
    Summer is back here. We had some pleasant weather last week but now it is hot and humid.
    Monday starts another week and it will be a good one!


  3. I have a love hate relationship with rebates. This week it was hate. I received a rejection because I failed to include something that the original rebate form didn’t request…grrr!
    Have a great week! Summer is back in the Carolinas!


  4. RW’s passing was followed by another star, Lauren Bacall…what a beauty she was. I was saddened by her passing because I remember all those films…her marriage to Bogey! What a pair. Those people were ‘STARS’. Who ever heard of even half of the so called celebs these days? I’m a Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Gregory Peck…those are awesome actors! Wow!

    I didn’t have time to look at People in the doctor’s office…everything was right on time and a vein scan and a bone density test were awesome!

    We have lots of wasps and nests…we don’t bother them and so far, they’ve not bothered us. We respect each other…maybe! The bees are very busy taking care of propagating.

    Dog days of summer are full blast…but today it’s cloudy w/a hint of rain in the air…oh please! Our lawn looks pitiful and no doubt it will remain so. On the other hand M keeps the geraniums going…the birds are happy w/fresh water daily in the bird bath…! Life is good…no matter what.

    I love every season but summer; my idea of cool is less than 90 degrees…this 100 and up is cooking everything…ouch.

    Speaking of cooking…if you get too down just have a cookie!


  5. Oh gosh, that’s quite a nest (at first glance I thought it was an expensive piece of pottery what with the $ graphic an all) and a pretty serious warning from a professional to wait until the first frost. My husband’s cure for everything is pressure washing. What is it about men and their pressure washers? Talk about eradicating dirt, grime or giving a really good scrub, pressure washing is his answer to unwelcome mud lark nests, wasp’s nests, etc. BUT I’m not sure he would tackle something like THAT in your photo.


    • It would be different if it was at our back door or garage door but it’s on the side of the house without any doors and up so high. We haven’t seen them buzzing around our patio at all. Not sure what they do but they do eat honey bees and we have a nest of those at the garden. It’s the circle of life.


  6. Kate – I always enjoy your week at-a-glance entries.

    Robin Williams – I totally understand how deeply his death may have affected you. As you said in a previous post, it was like losing a good friend. It’s hard to comprehend how someone who was able to bring such pure joy to so many people, (spanning multiple generations, which rarely happens), ended up isolated and feeling so hopeless that he took his own life. From my perspective, it speaks to how powerful the disease of chronic depression can be, that it can steal from us someone as beloved as him. It’s been hard waking up every day having to acknowledge that he’s gone, but thankfully, I’ve made it a point to go back and watch a few of my favorite movies, and I’ve been able to enjoy his performance even more than before, with fresh eyes. How he was able to portray silly insanity and intensely dramatic roles with equal ability. He truly was a gifted and creative genius, and we will miss him.

    Rebates – I swear they never seem to expect people to actually USE them, and all that waiting is just shameful, and like you said, it leaves a bad taste in our mouths (and we’re likely to remember that the next time we’re in a position to be spending our dollars). They had an opportunity to make you a loyal customer, and instead, they’ve ended up aggravating you. Bad move. Not so smart.

    Hornet’s Nest – I’m battling two nests myself, both located somewhat near my front door. I’ve already knocked down or sprayed at least three others. They seem to love the shaded overhang, and if they weren’t so close to the door, I’d be more likely to ignore them, but it turns out they’ve been persistent in returning to the area. If I wait until the first frost, it could be months, so I’ll likely try to “spray and run” approach again.

    Celebrities – you and me, both. I hardly recognize most of the names, and apparently am not watching any of the hip movies or shows, because I have no clue who all these hot kids on the cover are, nor do I have any idea what project they are associated with (nor do I really care). I’m a Paul Newman and Robert Redford kind of gal, so all these young faces just remind me how old I’m getting. I know only old people say this, but they just don’t make ’em like they used to. 🙂

    Summer – we have no shortage of summer in my area, where the temperatures are still dancing all over that 100 degree mark. September is usually the hottest month of all in south Texas, so I’m not exactly holding my breath in delirious anticipation. I’m already SO ready for even just a whiff of fall. Sorry to hear your tomatoes are unhappy, but I’ll bet those peaches were delicious. I know you already hear the echoes of winter knocking on your door, and even though it’s a stretch for me to imagine such a thing when we’re sweltering in the heat here, I’ll do my best to push a little warmth over in your direction. Hope you get a few extra days of summer, before the inevitable march towards the winter freeze begins. Poor little tomatoes. They have no idea what’s coming. 🙂


    • Good luck on your nests. They sound too close for comfort. I would appreciate a little heat here. This is so unusual. Normally this is a very hot and humid time of year but this year was strange.


  7. Hope your snark returns in short order, Kate. Life without a sense of humor is torture!

    Last night I read something about wrapping our sadness in happiness ~ being happy that we are human and care about others and losing those we love.


  8. I still can’t believe that Robin is gone, very big loss indeed. I would trapped in the house knowing that nest was out there waiting for me.
    I was on a “stay cation” this week, which was wonderful…even though it was Fall.


  9. I am not sure why but RW’s death really hit me hard, too. Not like I knew him, but maybe because he made us all feel like we did – or wanted to.

    We’re alike in the rebate war – I rarely do them but when I do the company better darn well send me the moola or I’ll dig in like a terrier till I get it.

    That’s one big hornet’s nest! EEK — we get a lot of them here b/c of a wood fence & trees behind us and I’m very allergic – and somewhat foolish – as I “bomb” every one of the nests I find. I wait till dusk and then hose it with one of those long-reaching hornet sprays. Then run like hell!! 🙂

    Summer is passing us by, we had one week of it I think … this week’s People features Robin Williams on the cover ~sigh.



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