Will Murphy strike again?

Moody Blues

Moody Blues

Next week is hectic. Concerts, milestone birthday celebrations that require overnight stays, out-of-town dinners, family reunions – They all fall in the same week. Yes, it’s exciting but it’s also exhausting.

In an attempt to make the week peaceful (ha!) without anxiety (double ha!), I have made a list.

The wardrobe is planned. Nothing is worse than wearing a dress you haven’t worn in a while only to find out the wardrobe fairy altered it. (Dang that fairy!) Or even worse (as if an uncomfortable outfit isn’t enough) there is a big margarita spot on the front.

The cat sitter is coming to serve breakfast because I am sure my cats would die without one meal. (So who is more neurotic here, me or the cats?)

Since my digestive system is…umm…let’s say delicate…I have medications to soothe it from every possible angle. Check!

Things are going smoothly. What can go wrong?

This morning I woke up to an annoying irritation on the edge of my eyelid. Oh no! Nothing is there yet but it could be the beginning of a sty. I rarely get them. Rarely like once a decade. It must be on my schedule for this week. Boogers!

At this point I can’t do anything but hope and of course look in the mirror every half hour to see if something is emerging.

There are meds for it and compresses and margaritas (you put those in the mouth not on the eye).

One good thing about having older friends is that they can’t see so well especially in dark or dim lighting.

If you see pictures of the Moody Blues concert, I am the one with the big booger on the eye lid waving her hands over her head and singing out of tune!

Note to family: The chance of strudel at the reunion is slight to none!

Note of aggravation: I can’t upload video from YouTube. I used to be able to do that. Now I get a restriction notice. If anyone knows anything that will help, I would appreciate it.

33 thoughts on “Will Murphy strike again?

  1. Oh Kate, those dress destroyers are always looking for ways to sabotage our plans. I learned that the hard way…ouch. Hey, if the others have misty vision…they won’t really notice what you’re wearing or how it fits. Just go, have fun as in enjoy each moment. As for the bump on the eyelid…hopefully it isn’t a sty! I had those things all the way through junior high and high school…old wives tale was close your eye and rest a bit with a dime or quarter on the bump…Woohoo! Who’s to know? Have a wonderful time, even if Murphy shows up.


  2. about that restriction notice — sometimes specific videos are restricted by the copyright owner (often a studio, who wants to get paid for you to hear the song, so they think by restricting youtube access to the song that it will force you to buy the CD, or force you to pay to have access to the video on youtube, even though what we usually do is just look for an alternate song by the same artist instead, all while muttering under our breath something about “stupid restrictions” and “how annoying”). In other words, it’s usually not a WordPress issue, but rather, a youtube copyright issue, where someone wants your money, honey. 🙂


  3. I’ve learned so much here besides your eye problem. Didn’t know how to embed video in a comment. Didn’t know that it was more difficult to find unrestricted videos. You & your commenters are a wealth of information. Thank you.


  4. That’s one crazy week coming atcha – hope the stye stays away. In my case, it would be a large crusty cold sore the size of Kansas – so pretty! So fetching!

    Have fun 🙂



  5. Is it a sty on your eyelid? Recently I had some sort of itchy rash on my eyelid and it got really red. I started putting Benadryl cream on it and it went away. If you try this, be careful not to get it in your eye. 🙂 Oh, I love The Moody Blues…have fun!


    • That’s how I do it. When I look at the preview and click on the go button I get a restricted video notice. You can only view if you go to youtube which takes the reader away from the post. It didn’t use to do this.


        • It used to be easier to find unrestricted vids. This is the third time I couldn’t find any of the many versions of the songs I like to allow it. Not sure why someone doesn’t allow embedding but I’m sure there is a reason. Thanks for the help.


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