Saturday mornings

When you are retired, the weekends hold a different meaning. For the most part, they are a time to stay away from stores or any activities that you can do during the week. All those working folks clog the venues!

blooming trees-1

We are not quite here yet but another week or two and the trees will be in bloom!

Weekends in the spring are special. It brings out all the neighbors that you haven’t seen in the last five months. All sorts of lawn equipment come out too complete with noise.

There are walkers. Lots of walkers. We get walkers all year but not like in the spring.

This morning I saw the golden retriever that was a puppy not that long ago. He’s all grown up. I wonder if he still chews on the neighbor’s kitchen wall.

The owners of the two very barky wheaten terriers have moved three blocks and will be living just in back of our home.

I know neighbors by their dogs. What can you expect from an animal lover?

Next door they are expecting a new dog next month. How exciting!

There is the sound of chain saws cutting down the trees and shrubs that didn’t it make it through our particularly harsh winter.

We are in an area that is on the cusp of two horticultural zones. Sometimes we push the envelope and plant things that are just borderline hardy here. Usually it’s ok. Not so, this past winter.

Today is really the first WONDERFUL Saturday we’ve had. It was 60 degrees before 10 a.m. The fish in the pond are active and close to the surface. The sun is shining and the trees have buds that are ready to pop.

There is a sense of renewal that I love. It’s something I would miss living somewhere without seasons. There is a gratefulness about being alive and of course all the critters are mating which is romantic in its noisy way.

I am looking forward to my frogs singing their mating calls. Hopefully we’ll have tadpoles this year.

I am just an old-fashioned romantic!

Photo credit: I found this wonderful photo on the vast internet. I believe that Jazmin de Perez was the photographer although  I am not certain.

25 thoughts on “Saturday mornings

    • I am quirky at parties. Since I see the neighbors walking their dogs, I know them in beat up clothes with a poop bag in their hand. Then I see them all gussied up at a party and I usually ask, “are you the owner of the wheaten terrors” or “is Spike your dog? or something similar. I never know their names but I do know the dog names.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, to me. I hardly know my neighbors, let alone know them by their dogs! I think it’s really nice that you do. I never thought about the post-winter cleanup, especially thinking about trees that didn’t make it through the harsh winter. That would be a big expense to home owners. I hope the little frogs begin to do their thing soon! 🙂


  2. Spring has sprung! Everyone in DC was out today on foot, bikes, roller blades. Leashes, baby carriages (hopefully each attached as appropriate). The Cherry Blossom Parade was this morning and the Tidal Basin was literally wall-to-wall people, bottlenecked on the sidewalk. Yep, saw all of it from the comfort of my car!


  3. I like all seasons but Spring is very hopeful and inspiring. Those of you in the northern climes probably appreciate this time of year even more the those in the South. I remember winters in the north…always started out ok but they last too long. Six weeks would be fine then springtime.


  4. Love the spring and summer, too, but wish I never had to experience cold weather again……..I would love to live in a warm climate all year long:)


  5. Beautiful post and photograph, Kate! It’s lovely here in Charlotte this weekend with temperatures in the mid 70’s. I’m out on the patio now listening to all of the birds sing…they’re so happy winter is finally over…and so am I! Enjoy!


  6. Love this, Kate. Sounds exactly like what’s going on here in N. Texas…except I don’t have any frogs. Redbud and Bradford Pear trees have and are blooming. Bluebonnets are out now. The birds are trilling and thrilling…all kinds of birds. Yesterday was in the 80’s…a friend called from Wisconsin and asked about the temps; when I told her about ours she said she was so cold and it was raining there…brrr! Chain saws were active all week…so were the lawnmowers. Next door the kids were selling popcorn…should do well since there are many walkers/runners and slow going strollers. Everyone wants to ‘be out’. This Saturday M and I are having some (Chinese) drop-in’s from Singapore who are in the state for their daughter’s college graduation. They learned about M and I in China and want to ‘meet’ us…say ‘hello’. Nice.
    I love spring and the newness that’s so evident…it makes me spring all over the place! I’m even into ‘cleaning out’ and ‘renewing the look’.
    A blessing… April showers bring May flowers…along with oh so much job!


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