The field trip and the angels sang

angel with trumpetDid you hear the Gabriel on the trumpets yesterday?

You should have! He was heralding a very rare event. The beloved husband took a day trip with me to an outlet mall. Woo hoo!

Many years ago, we would take off from work and go on shopping trips. We visited stores – some for me and some for him. There were “guy” stores with men’s clothes and shoes. He would always find something.

Then there came a big change in the outlets. In fact, it’s more than the outlets. If you look closely at any mall, the merchandise is about 90% female.

There maybe one or two stores like the Gap or Abercrombie that carry a good selection of men’s stuff but most times it’s just a small section in an anchor department store. The specialty men’s stores are not always located in malls.

My husband is a very nice man but watching me try on 50 pairs of shoes is not his idea of fun. I usually go alone or with some girl friends but yesterday he came along.

The outlet mall has a humongous kitchen store that dwarfs any we have locally. You can find any kind of gizmo or thingamajig that you need. I gave him a list and send him in there while I perused one of the shoe stores.

Then I joined him. Good heavens there were gizmos that I wasn’t sure what they did. Some looked kind of kinky. Although I showed restraint, there were a few things that fell into my basket. (No judgments please. I know I just made a big deal about cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. Get over it. I already did.)

I wanted to keep him interested so at our next stop we divided up. He went to the very small men’s section and I did a major sweep of the large section of women’s clothes. After buying tops and bottoms for the summer we met up. He bought two shirts for sweating.

Yes, that’s exactly what he said. They wick perspiration which makes them very good for bicycling or yard work in the heat. He’s a prolific sweater!

It was off to Auntie Anne’s pretzel place. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Auntie Anne’s pretzels, they are freshly made dough balls drenched in butter. Can you feel your arteries clog just reading the words? They were so good!

We had a delightful day together. I ended up with shoes and clothes. He had his “sweat” shirts and a few belts. Quality time with the beloved husband — priceless!

I also learned a few things. You know you are getting older when the bag with the kitchen gizmos cost more than the clothes and shoes you bought.

I have to work on that.

18 thoughts on “The field trip and the angels sang

  1. I have a weakness for those large kitchen stores, too. And the fact that I have no remaining kitchen space has never deterred me either! It sounds like a really fun day for the two of you. Those amazing pretzels are a great lure. Just so you know…and you probably don’t want to…you can find a copycat recipe for those pretzels on I’ve been thinking of giving them a try. Probably a big mistake!


  2. What a nice day. I always think, whenever you write about your home life, how serene and special it sounds…cats…trees in the yard…buds coming up. Now I see you and your husband, his muscles bulging out of a Popeye shirt, with butter running down your chins. Contentment. Love the arteries line.


  3. Well now I envy you that quality time with your hubby Kate! Wish mine would consent to a day out at the mall. And your last line is priceless: “You know you are getting older when the bag with the kitchen gizmos cost more than the clothes and shoes you bought.”


  4. What a wonderful blog!  I just knew you would only have writers block for a moment or two!  Enjoy all your goodies and gadgets.  It was such a perfect day to have gone to an outlet mall. 


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