The calm before the storm

This is an old photo from a 2011 snowstorm.

This is an old photo from a 2011 snowstorm.

Here in southeastern Pennsylvania we are awaiting our first snowstorm of the season. The first one is always magical. It brings a beauty about it and covers all the ugly brownness of a fall completed.

As always, I am conflicted. I enjoy the first snow (not be confused with the twentieth snow in February where I am close to suicidal) but it isn’t always convenient.

My fantasy involves a beautiful snow while I am in front of a fireplace with the tree lights glowing, music softly playing and a cup of hot chocolate (with whipped cream) in my hand. It may even include a good book on my lap.

The beloved husband’s fantasy is a great football game where the home team is someplace warm so they can play their hearts out (and win) accompanied by a Coors Light and some salted peanuts. (Do we have a disconnect here?)

The reality is that it usually occurs when we have to travel. I used to dread the drive to work but today we are attending a Christmas concert (the Transiberian Orchestra no less!) a half hour away on a good day.

Our fireplace is broke. Some gizmo broke and it won’t be fixed until the 18th so that dream is out too.

Fortunately, the hot chocolate stock is good and thanks to Kindle, I can always get a good book fast. Wine always works in a pinch.

The beauty will not be lasting. The snow will be followed closely by ice (double yuk!) and ending in rain tomorrow morning. This isn’t the fantasy that I dream about.

We have prepared as best we can. The beloved husband has exchanged the lawn mower for the snow blower.

I have filled the bird feeders and the heated bird bath. These are located near a sliding glass door which we refer to as our cats’ interactive theatre. There are nose prints on the glass to prove its popularity.

We will dress for the weather and hope for the best.

Maybe next time we will have the fantasy but let’s hope it’s not in February.

"Chocolate" originates from Mexico's...

33 thoughts on “The calm before the storm

  1. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen snow, and it’s been half a lifetime since I’ve seen snow deep enough to blanket everything is wonderful white powder. Oh, the irony of having a fireplace, but not being able to fire it up with the first snowfall. Seems rather unfair, doesn’t it? Never mind the rain that will soon follow your first snow. In any case, hope you can at least get a cup of that steaming hot cocoa, and maybe even watch the cats, while they are watching the birds. Theater-in-a-theater, so to speak. Stay warm!


  2. “cats’ interactive theatre. There are nose prints on the glass to prove its popularity” haha! Now that sounds like fun. My dog has a sort of interactive theater, it has paw prints on it though.
    Loved your fantasy.


  3. Delicious post Kate, I had a good laugh, and then felt mean when I read about your fire ! Hope you get it sorted soon… and always have enough hot chocolate… have you tried dressing it up with a good slug of kahlua? makes sleep come easy !!!!!


  4. Bad timing on a broken fireplace! So sorry to hear that one. I picture a fireplace as essential in times like the storms you’re anticipating. I hope the concert was as wonderful as I expect it would be, and that you’ve actually over-prepared for what’s to come. I hope the storm isn’t all that’s expected. Be warm…and safe!


  5. “I have filled the bird feeders and the heated bird bath. These are located near a sliding glass door which we refer to as our cats’ interactive theatre. There are nose prints on the glass to prove its popularity.” This made me laugh. Manhattan’s winter wonderland looks like someone’s shaking Parmesan cheese from a plane so my Little Women fantasy also went bust. Love the picture at the top…such a lovely yard and that cafe set. Must be so pretty to sit out there in the spring.


  6. Snow is but a distant, pleasant memory for me. Time has nearly erased the scary, white knuckle ride (a 55-mile one-way commute to work) when ice and snow turned a one-hour commute into two. Still, I share your fantasy of the hot chocolate (or a glass of wine) by the fireplace. And, a HEATED bird bath. Those birds have the life. :-).


    • I traveled for one of my jobs and I had more white knuckle drives than I want to remember. One time I drove to a meeting 2 hours away only to find out the locals didn’t make it. To say I was annoyed was putting it mildly. After that I cancelled out when snow was predicted.


  7. I like your snow fantasy. It’s good to keep our fantasies alive. They add an extra layer of pleasure to the real thing.
    Here in the Seattle area, we’ve been having colder than normal weather and blue skies every day. Very beautiful! Without the clear skies we wouldn’t be able to see the sparkling white mountain ranges on either side of us. It’s cold, though. Brrr.


  8. It’s ugly outside, but for anyone who just caught the last 2 minutes of Ravens v. Vikings, a football game that was filled with drama and pathos! OK, now it’s time for fire, book and hot chocolate. Careful out there!


  9. Enjoy the concert Kate! We will be anxiously waiting for your next post to make sure you got home o.k. in time to snuggle under the covers with hot chocolate and the Kindle! Stay safe. 🙂


  10. love snow, fantasy, birds, beauty, yada, yada, yada….
    Get in the car NOW and get to the city. I adore the music of Transiberian Orchestra. If I can’t be
    there, knowing you are is the next best thing. Enjoy!!!


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