A little summer dreaming

Here it is August again. That’s my favorite time of the year. The cicadas have been singing their little hearts out. The frogs have been croaking. The weather has been perfect. The humidity and excessive heat wave broke.

Everything is so green. The fruits and vegetables are coming in and people don’t want to stay inside.

There are outdoor concerts everywhere. Some are free. Our local festival has started and it’s followed by a traditional carnival-style fair.

There are renaissance activities going on and you can smell the barbeques when you walk outside.

Friends are eager to get together.

frog on back-edI love it so much I wish I could bottle some to take out in January when things get cold and gloomy. A garden fresh tomato, a horny frog singing for a mate, leaves on trees and less than 10 pounds of clothes on my body – come January, I would kill for any of that.

But that’s the cycle of life. Is it true that without the winter and the cold you don’t quite enjoy the summer as much? I’d love to test out that theory!

People who live on tropical islands don’t focus on weather. They probably don’t even have a weather channel! What’s to think about? Sunny and warm! Maybe a shower or two but nothing freezes. No coats to get out or boots to shuffle in. They don’t know what fleece is!

Pretty soon our friends down under will be basking in a wonderful summer and I will envy them. But for now, I am going to enjoy my time on earth in this glorious weather.

Oh, yes…the granddaughters are coming this week so I better take some vitamin E!

R-M 2011





22 thoughts on “A little summer dreaming

  1. What beautiful granddaughters you have! And I love it that you are so happy with life in the month of August. Take lots of pictures of those gorgeous girls and the sunshiny things you do and take those with you into the brutal winds of January. Your memories will sustain you along with a cup of hot chocolate! 🙂


  2. “Is it true that without the winter and the cold you don’t quite enjoy the summer as much? I’d love to test out that theory!”

    How does the song go? “Just remember, in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows, lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the Rose.”


  3. Drink it in, drink it in! And I think you’re right! Without some contrast we might not love summer as we do! I know I won’t have the extremes of cold you experience, but the landscape does turn dull and a bit lifeless in the winter months, and I will miss sitting outside and drinking in my own best of summer! Enjoy the little darlings! They look so cute…and I’ll bet they enjoy you, too! ox


  4. I know that I am really, really in the minority, but I can’t wait for summer to be over! Hot weather is just not my thing. Your granddaughters, however, look like they are adorable all 4 seasons of the year! Absolutely precious!


  5. Yeah, I’d like to bottle it for January, too. In the Caribbean they have hurricanes to deal with. (sigh). Nothing’s perfect, I guess. But I could sure live without cold and snow and slush.


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