Hello energy! Where have you been?

frog on back-ed

Yes, I have energy! I’m getting a tan!

There is nothing like that first burst of spring. It brings energy and excitement that lay dormant all winter. We are finally having a run of good weather here. The thermometer hit 60 degrees over the weekend with a few more days of spring-like weather predicted.

Call it spring fever. Call it anything you like but I have been more upbeat with energy than I have in a long while.

I boxed up my glorious winter boots without an ounce of sadness. I left off a layer of clothing. Nothing too crazy though. Unlike the kids, I did not bring out my shorts or flip-flops.

Start up the grill! Clean up the patio!

There are two areas where spring has a profound effect on me. One is that I’m in the buying mood and I want a new me — maybe some clothes and new cosmetics and even new dishes. The other is all things gardening. I overestimate both the space I have and the energy I have. Sound familiar to any of you?

cosmetics by webclipartdotcomThe Sunday newspaper advertisements were enticing. The new merchandise was more colorful. They are making more floral shoes these days (that probably don’t go with anything I have but who cares?). Yay!

There was an ad from Ulta, a cosmetics store similar to Sephora that sells potions and snake oil guaranteed to make you look younger. GUARANTEED! It doesn’t get any better than that!

axle grease by googleI just know that some of those products would lop off the years and spackle all the wrinkles. Perhaps I should be shopping at a plastic surgeon with lasers and infrared thingies that surely would work but a new pot of axle grease for my face is cheaper.

Spring brings a hope and yearning that the other seasons do not. It brings a willingness to believe. To believe that one more flower pot will not be too much to water. The first summer in our new house everything was so bare looking so I kept adding big pots to the front stoop. I ended up with 10 on each side of the door. That was a good half hour or so of watering every night!

Then again…would a few more vegetable plants be more work? Ha! You betcha! If you are not careful, you can commit yourself to a summer of weeding. After a winter of perusing the plant and seed catalogs I will need to restrain myself. Somehow!

Don’t worry though. All this will go away…eventually…maybe by June. Oh I am sure I will buy stuff but deep down in my heart I know that no matter what it is – lipstick to make my lips perky or spiffy new floral summer sneakers – I will look the same afterward. I can buy all the healthy vegetable plants in the world and I will still be the same. Don’t burst my bubble with logic now though. I am on a mission!

Feeling good in springtime is easy! I want to bottle it and save it for next winter!

19 thoughts on “Hello energy! Where have you been?

  1. Kate, you will look mah-vehl-ous no matter what beauty products you buy. As for the gardening urge … I have a quick lie down until I get over it. 🙂 But I do understand the attraction. Enjoy. For this transplant to Florida, it’s still a bit chilly. Soon, I’ll be carping about the heat.


    • Personally I’d rather carp about the heat than the cold. For some obscure reason we got a dusting of snow today. I am so bummed out! I should try your therapy for the gardening urge. It just might work.


  2. That frog is perfect pix for this season.
    (I broke down and bought some Tshirts that looked really cute. Couldn’t believe my early luck…they arrived: colors not as bright and fabric much too thin…so sent back. Sigh. Still looking for this year’s favorite T. (but it’s early, right?)


    • I could use a few new t-shirts. Those are the only things I really wear out almost annually. My favs are the stretchy ones that Target carries but they don’t have colors I need this year. Mail order can be disappointing but I still do it sometimes.


  3. Spring is always welcome even when living in the sunny south. I’m with on the shopping thing. I do my clothes shopping in spring and fall and little, if any,n between. And what’s wrong with the way you look?


  4. Definitely spring will give you the thrill. Shop you must, get all the colours and be one with the all the flowers that will burst forth. Can you send some dry weather in Vancouver. Spring is wet, wet, wet, until June.


  5. Spring one day and ick the next! I did have the fever for one day. The weatherman lured me into thinking I’d get another. Not to be. I did manage to pick up a wheelbarrow full of horse manure and spread it on my garden and also called to have my mowers picked up for service. That’s a start but I had a string of outside jobs on the list. Guess I’ll just have to be patient! I’m not good at that!


  6. Oh yes, I am having the same universal urges that accompany the first sight of a daffodil! In fact, I went shopping today and came home with two new lightweight, colorful jackets and beige slacks! Your Spring Fever is catchy! 🙂


  7. Spring does help return the spring to our steps, doesn’t it? Even if FL, I love this time of year when the days are getting longer and we get an extra boost of sunlight at night thanks to the return of daylight savings time.

    Enjoy your Spring Fever!


  8. I like your spunk! After too much winter, lipstick + sneakers sound exciting to me, too. Just the idea of less layers has a certain appeal to it, too. I’m ready for Spring. Bring it on.


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