The last one ever!

We are project people. We built a new house nine years ago but periodically we rip something up. Some people golf and some people go on RV trips. We rip up the house. So far we have been pleased with the renovations. There is a new shower that is just wonderful; an enlarged screened-in porch that we can’t live without; a basement workroom for me; a facilities maintenance center (shed) for the beloved husband. Now we are sprucing up the fireplace wall by adding some eye-pop and bling – glass shelves, heavy trim work, extra lighting, maybe some mirrors (on the back wall not the ceiling! Get your mind out of the gutter!) — that sort of thing.

The project started last week and already I have declared that this will be the last big one. We are going to clean the garage and things like that but I am not excited about ripping off drywall and restudding walls ever again. Dirt, dirt, dirt. Oh yes, did I mention how dirty it is?

Hazel couldn’t find her favorite chair. It’s under this mess of plastic.

Personally, I don’t like chaos. It makes me edgy. It makes the cats downright nuts. There are plastic drop cloths all over. They can’t find their favorite chairs to sleep on and neither can I.

We boxed the books from the old bookshelves. I immediately needed a book that was packed. There are easily 25 or 30 boxes of stuff  to go through. How on earth can you have that much junk in one area????

It makes me not want to cook either although the kitchen is fine. I can’t figure out the connection here except sometimes we will use any excuse……

I always dread things going wrong. My dad always said, “Measure twice, cut once.” Even though we do that, things happen. The marble inlay for around the fireplace opening was cut to the wrong dimension which is going to cause a delay. It may require extra Starbucks to get me through that!

Then there is always the, “what if I don’t like it when it’s done?” Well, first off, you can’t tell the beloved husband that or he will implode. The poor guy is doing all the work himself.

Of course, I have been my usual helpful self. I made lunch for him today complete with Tostitos chips (his favorite). I am quite good at holding the measuring tape and I can philosophize on construction projects (without getting dirty).

I can also be very encouraging.

 “Is it done yet?”


“OMG! Is that the right color? They must have switched this on us.”

“So, do you think it will be done by the time all the house guests arrive in five weeks?”


“Maybe we should have put in extra windows. The cats would have preferred windows.”

I am sure it will end up fine. All the other projects did and we didn’t regret doing any of them. However, this is the last one ever! Maybe.


15 thoughts on “The last one ever!

  1. Well, not that it makes it any easier for either one of us, but at least we aren’t alone in our “house projects” … mine is due to be finished soon … on your end, it looks like you still have a ways to go … hang in there with the renovations!


    • My project is not like yours. First it was voluntary and not the result of a crazy landlord. It really is only in one area although I don’t really feel like cooking. I also didn’t have the wild week you just had. Hope your’s is completed soon.


      • Hopefully we’ll be finished with the repairs by Tuesday … my animals will be SOOOOO pleased. They have not been happy campers. Hope yours gets all done before your guests arrive …


  2. Oh, we have that red shop vac! (The cats do hate it all.)
    We’ve redone several houses – bought a perfectly nice new-ish one – tired of living in a construction zone…but little things started…wood floors put in, tiled the bath floors, a few new lights and switched out ceiling fans….and the fireplace looked like that while we waited for the ledgestone shipment, which came in wrong the first time (but that looks great now). Just trying not to start anything else….we will have to do something about – ignore that blue tape “X” on the ceiling….
    Oh, always add more windows…they look nice – and the cats do deserve something for putting up with it all..
    Great post ( and good luck…the guests are coming when?)


    • Guests are due the last week in July. We should make it. Pulling electrical wire today for the lights. Hopefully drywall done by early next week. I just hate the chaos. Poor cats, when this is done they will have to content with visitors for about 10 days. They are not fond of that either. We do plan to paint the garage and do more shelving this summer too but that isn’t as bad because you don’t live in there. Thanks for stopping by and commiserating!


  3. It’s amazing how much anxiety a big project can produce and how much relief and satisfaction the results create. It’s a bit like pain…once it’s over, we often forget how bad it was. I know this improvement…er…won’t be the last. That’s just the way creativity is…and you both “suffer” from a lot of it! Onward….


  4. I do honestly feel your pain even though we avoid projects. One small change always leads to another and another, so we avoid change – even of new light bulbs. You and your husband are very brave and I love your conversations and this post is painfully real. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  5. Oh boy can I relate! We are in the middle of a BIG ONE as well. Yesterday 2 pieces of Cherry Wood (I think Is saw bark?) came out of the shed and they will be our new window sills for the new windows. I couldn’t help asking…”Soooo when do you think this is all going to be done?” Good luck! I’m sure we’ll both be happy in the end.


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