Random 5 for November 21, 2021 – Kitchen, meals, underwear, cell phone, gratitude

It looked like this earlier in the week.

Progress! – Our kitchen renovation is coming along. Everything was gutted and the new cabinets are going in. The contractor is still projecting four more weeks but the countertops always lag. They can’t measure until the cabinets are completely installed and then it takes a week to two to get installed.

The cabinets started to appear yesterday.

Speaking of major renovations altering your life – I’ve learned a few lessons about the food prep. I had made and frozen meals before the project started. Some are whole meals that just require microwaving. I thought I would use my slow cooker so I froze “parts” of a meal to put together like the tiny meatballs for Italian wedding soup. My working surface is so small that chopping and putting together a crockpot meal is more complicated than I expected. Good lesson (although there won’t be a next kitchen reno!) to keep it simple. With a mix of take out, meals out and from the freezer we are doing ok. Tomorrow will be day 10 of the project.

I hate buying underwear! – When I find something I like, I buy a case as they will discontinue it as soon as I decide I like it. My favorite bra was discontinued and the ones I have are stretched out. Argh. I went to a specialty store where they measure you and make suggestions. I got a sweet thing young enough to me my granddaughter with a shrill voice that reverberated in the dressing room. I’m hard to fit as breast cancer surgery left me with an “odd” pair that doesn’t remotely match. She insisted I downsize several cup sizes which left my larger boob without a place to call its own. It responded by squishing outside and around the back (the bra wearers know exactly what I mean!). At the end I bought the size that was sort of comfortable despite her suggestion that it was too big. There was a BOGO going on (buy one, get one 50% off). For another mere $3 (nothing in the store is $3) I would hit a magic number that would give me $15 off. So technically I could buy something for $12 which would give me $3 off the bra purchase and the other item (that I don’t need) would be free. I hate these tactics. I’m taking the new bra for a test run today. I can feel it. Most of the time I wear those wonderful stretchy things that you can’t feel at all but I needed one for those special occasions in life like funerals and proms.

Wrap up on new cell phone – I still don’t like the size or feel of it but I bought a nice pink case and that has improved my attitude 100%. I still plan to trade it in but until then, I have one that is visually pleasant but feels like kettle bell!

Gratefulness – This week we got some bad health news on the beloved husband’s side of the family. Bad health news is getting to be common. All our friends and relatives are aging and that’s what happens. I am very grateful that both of us (and currently all the cats) are healthy. When you don’t have your health, nothing else matters, not even a steady diet of microwave meals.

So how was your week?

57 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 21, 2021 – Kitchen, meals, underwear, cell phone, gratitude

  1. The thing about bras is even if they fit well when you buy, sooner or later they go in the washer and dryer and that is the end of it. I don’t know how you make it without a kitchen. I think I would have to take one of my bathrooms and set up a small kitchen, disgusting as that sounds. Or we could just eat out every day. That might be okay!

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    • We’ve made a kitchen area without a sink in another room and use either the powder room (although the sink is too shallow) or that basement utility sink for big jobs. Lots of disposable stuff. Even so, I’m just hanging on.

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  2. Now that my daughter has had breast cancer I understand every word of what you’re saying about finding the right bra! Whatever is most comfortable, go for it! And I’m really sorry to hear that your family is experiencing health crises. It’s really a hard truth that as we get older, and so do our friends and others we love, the health landscape shifts, and it’s hard! Your kitchen will be beautiful and worth it all, I’m sure. Keep the photos coming. 🙂

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  3. I had a similar problem trying to buy bras. After Sears closed I had to go to one of those specialty shops, where the “registered fitter” tried to tell me I was a band width two sizes below what I have worn my entire life. She would not listen, when I said I’d never worn that size ever, not even when I was a teenager. I finally tried one on in the size she recommended and could not even take a breath it was so tight. So she let me try on the size I said I was and it fit, but I was so annoyed by then I didn’t buy anything and just left, plus they were frightfully expensive. Maybe some women need a tight band if they need a lot of support but if you’re small, you don’t, and if it’s just for everyday, comfort counts. My most comfortable bra was a cotton Hanes brand I stocked up on before Sears closed. I do wonder what they teach in these “bra fitter” courses, because they all seem to follow the same rules. My mother was convinced to size down too, and never wore the $90 bra until after she lost weight. I did one kitchen reno, and although everything went smoothly, one was enough…

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  4. I’m sorry about the bad health news and happy about the phone case improving your feelings about it haha.
    I almost had a heart attack the other day. The gardener said, “Maybe we can get the kitchen remodeled sometime in the future.”
    Me: You know after remodeling last time we said never again.
    Also me: No.
    And also me: Why are we staying in this big house indefinitely?????????????????????????????? We need to downsize.
    The gardener: I would like to stay here until I die.

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  5. Yay for your kitchen renovation being under way! Glad you are doing all right with your mix of meal prep options. Hopefully it will be over soon and you guys will have a fabulous new kitchen with all the space in the world 🙂 Agree – hate buying bras! And anytime there is a salesperson “helping” it is a disaster.

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  6. Oh, my! Four more weeks. It’s nice to see the cabinets, though.

    I was a guest at a book club tonight. After they finished discussing my book, they got onto a bunch of other subjects, including bras. Women get passionate when discussing bras. And since we each have different needs, we don’t always understand or appreciate each other’s problems. I have a terrible time trying to get something that will hold up my heavy breasts without being too tight around my rib cage and perpetually sore back. I bought some new bras during the pandemic, but they don’t work very well. I’ll have to go shopping in person.

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  7. Well, they’re making progress and that’s it now til after Thanksgiving. How did they push the fridge through the doorway – it looks narrow. I hate when manufacturers change the style of anything – it is annoying, especially if you’ve bought that style for years. And why do they tinker with products either – that is a real bugaboo with me. I used Purpose Liquid Soap for years when I wore contacts and just kept using it as it was mild. A year or so ago, they added something and it turns my hands an ugly raw and chapped red. Same thing has happened with Cetaphil that I’ve used on my face for years – same reaction. So, now to explore options. That certainly is not horrible news like you got but annoying just the same.

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      • That could be – I was using vinyl gloves to wash my face because it has torn up my hands and I bought several containers of it (they also rebranded it and put it much-smaller pump containers – grrrr, so I bought alot of them). Now my face is all dry. I hopped onto Amazon where, if you buy a product and it seems different, etc., it’s the best place to view gripes … everyone had the same issue.

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  8. I haven’t bought a new bra in ages. I really hate to wear them so, unless I go out in public, they don’t get much use. I once went to one of those “professional bra fitters” once and ended up with something I couldn’t wear comfortably. Good to see that your kitchen is making progress… I’m sure it will be beautiful when done!

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  9. Second blog post today about family members with health issues. We know it’s coming as we age, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Glad the renovation is going well. Oh my, don’t talk bra shopping because in my book it’s as bad as jeans shopping or worse. You said it – as soon as you find any type of clothing you like, they stop making it.

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  10. Sounds like the kitchen reno is on track. Next year all will be quiet, clean, beautiful, and back to normal for cats and humans.
    I don’t like stretchy bras. I like to have a bit of lift built in to keep the girls at attention. Even little girls begin to sag a bit with age.
    Good health is a blessing. I am thankful that the chronic thing that I deal with isn’t the fatal kind. I will die with it but not of it.

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  11. Love the cabinets! Bra-shopping………UGH. Hate it. I mostly wear stretchies but need a little lining to keep things smooth. We rarely go anywhere that my stretchies don’t work well – even funerals and church – I just wear a sweater if I’m concerned OR a shawl. Summer time is “anything goes” !! Will be nice to have the reno done for Christmas!

    Hugs, Pam

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  12. Your response to Autumn with the description of the kitchen sounds very pretty. It looks like they got a lot done. Is that the new window. I don’t know what time you clicked the picture but I love the light coming in. I am still wearing the bralettes you suggested to me I don’t know how long ago. I think I get more excited about the case for the new phone than the phone!

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    • The first 5 days or so seemed to go slow but he had to rip out the cabinets, appliances and a closet. It’s going faster or maybe just seems that way because you can see results. It’s one guy working by himself. He is very good. We bought the house because of the windows. It’s an end unit townhouse but very light and spacious. We love it. I wear the bralettes every day but I like a little more support for the big events (which I don’t get invited to!). The phone case had a big effect on me. My last one was almost clear silicone. Period. That’s all. This one is pretty opaque pink with a ring on the back and the cut outs on the side are significant so I can tell the on/off from the volume (which I couldn’t on the old one.) If it wasn’t so ding dong big, I’d like it more. I was disappointed because I would have preferred a hot pink or bright purple but those colors weren’t available.

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  13. Bra buying is mind numbing. One of the worst activities for women of all stripes, let along anyone who has had breast cancer. Hope the one you settled on fits the bill. Good luck moving forward on your kitchen. LOVE the white cabinets-they always seem so fresh and create such an inviting space.

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  14. I was once at a store like you describe any they were trying to find the right bra size for a newly trans-female. It was interesting discussion that we could hear though out the dressing rooms. It was a challenge due to the large chest size but small breast size. I applauded their straightforward attitude, treating this woman with dignity and respect. It’s hard for women in that position to request help so publicly. I can’t ever seem to find one of their bras that fit me, but bless their hearts, they got this woman’s size figured out!

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  15. I do the same when I find something I like…stock up! I can’t stand when companies get rid of a good thing and replace it with something not so good. I’m sorry about the bad health news. It seems to be the norm these days for old and young. A lesson to be thankful for each day. The cabinets look great!

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    • They are not actually white. They are a soft creamy white color. We have a smoky blue on the walls in the eating area. The counter tops will be creamy and beige with black veins. The sink and faucet are black. The island cabinets are a dark smoky blue.

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    • My every day bras are still available and I buy by the bunch. During the winter (when I wear mostly sweat shirts) I wear something thin and stretchy. For summer under tee-shirts I have ones that give a smoother appearance. I wanted to harness the girls for special events (that rarely happen!).


  16. Kate: You got a nice project going on 🙂 Nothing at the home improvement store is cheap , that is why my landlord raised my rent 60 $ a month on the first of the year + gas⬆️ electric⬆️ water⬆️ groceries⬆️ The 6% cost of living increase on the VA pension will mean nothing ❗️ ~Willy

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  17. Know what you mean about bras Kate. I loved the all round stretchy ones too. Following my surgery though, I have The Precious and three pocket bras cost me over a hundred quid. However, they are comfortable and nothing flops or flabs, but to be honest, I can;t remember the last time I wore one as I’m comfy without it.
    Kitchens, yep been there too, but we did the renovations ourselves as it was just fitting cupboards and worktops. The new oven is great though the baking session is on hold until I get back on track with the diet!! Hugs and virtual calorie free treats to the cats. Take care.

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