Sassy cats — Conflict resolution cat style

Cats are very basic in how they resolve conflict. They don’t need weapons. They are also quick and everything is done and over with. Here is one of the disagreements between Sasha and Gus.

I’m not sure who won or if anything was accomplished but no cat was harmed. Too prove that here is a photo take afterward.

No, they are not allowed on the table. Obviously they don’t listen to mortal humans.

We all wish you a great weekend!

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Conflict resolution cat style

  1. Oh, yes, that was just playing around. Like hugging for humans. And the table should be for all family to enjoy and aren’t we cats family too? I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!!!!! When my human isn’t looking, I always try to get some turkey! Sasha and Gus should get turkey too, I think. Adorable.

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  2. Enjoyed the videeoh very much! It’s great to see the Sassy Cats interacting. I didn’t see a bit of aggressiveness with Gus and Sasha. It seemed like a friendly tussle and Gus let Sasha think she won… Hahaha. I love the picture of them together on the table where they aren’t allowed! Tickles me.

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  3. We have cat wrestling but Heidi who is part Maine coon is getting too big and strong. My husband suggested knitting Tilly a scarf. Yours both look as though they fight in the same weight category.

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  4. It makes you wonder what goes on inside a cat brain. Was it a battle or an exercise class? Are they defying you by lazing on the table or are they showing you how to better decorate your home? Who’s to say

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    • I go with the simple “I wanna do this” theme most of the time. The tussle was around an ottoman that is in front of a window where the holly bushes are full of birds. All the cats love to sit there. Was it about that? Or maybe nothing at all. Gracie races around the house every day. Up the steps, down the steps for 5 minutes. We call it “doing her cardio.” There is no destination. Just a whirling dervish of movement.

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