Sassy cats — More synchronized watching

Gracie may be the new kid in the house but she can hold her own with the larger, tenured cats. Here she is clearly pushing Hazel out-of-the-way to get a good look at a chipmunk that was mocking them both.

Gracie: “Dude, you need to lose some weight! You are IN-DA-WAY”

Meanwhile in the porch, Morgan got some unsolicited help watching a bird.

Morgan (on left): “Little grasshopper, that’s a birdie. When you catch them, you snap their neck. Then carry them to the nearest human. They like to see your triumphs!”

Meanwhile Hazel needed to rest up from the chipmunk watching excursion.

Hazel: “Get away! I’m napping. What do you mean I can’t nap here? Of course I can. This is the good lace and technically I’m mostly not on the table. Also, don’t make me look large.”

Mollie, the retired cat, just came home from her poker game. She’s quite the card shark! Here she is on the new flooring. Next week she’s off to the casino.

Mollie: “I was amazing! Won a couple mousies and a treat. We had ‘nip-mosas for lunch.”

26 thoughts on “Sassy cats — More synchronized watching

  1. Gracie trying to shove Hazel is my favorite. Followed by Hazel on the table.

    We had a human guest for dinner this week, and I left the placemat on the table. Last night, Bossy lounged on it during dinner, looking for all the world like an ancient Roman on her eating couch.

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  2. Gracie cracks me up… I love when she speaks! Laughing here. CH and I now regularly use “you are IN-DA-WAY” especially when we are in the kitchen circling the shoe trolley cart transformed into an island. Hazel, honey, don’t take nothing off that “little grasshopper”… Kate you need to write a book about your Sassy Cats! Mollie is a striking cat… love her white feeties. I so look forward to your pictures on Friday!

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    • Thanks! I appreciate that! I am glad we were able to increase your vocabulary even if it’s not in a refined high-falluting way! Mollie could have been named socks but she’s a very “girly” cat and needed a girly name. Hazel threatens to roll on Gracie. That keeps her in line. She’d squash that little one.


    • I have no idea why Hazel is not losing weight. I have her on “diet” food and lately she hasn’t been stealing as much as she used to. The scales don’t move! She loves to lie on hard surfaces like the dining room table and the TV cabinet (no, not the floor, never on the floor!)

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