Sassy cats — Working cat in the office

Morgan is a very industrious cat. Every morning she “helps” in the office. Here she is smelling my post it notes.morgan-officelooking2016It doesn’t matter that I can’t see the screen. It’s much more important to see where those post-its have been. Some need a good chew.morgan-officechewing2016This could take a good half hour. After this, there is phone work and finally, she’s exhausted.morgan-officesleeping2016Good cat that she is, she is recharging the cell. Now I can do my work!

Gotta love her!

37 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Working cat in the office

  1. Sassy Cat Morgan got all that paperwork out the way so she could nap on that comfy pad! I have an answer for your feeding issues but you aren’t going to like the price. A gal that adopted a cat with heart issues from Tinykittens has three of these and she is how I found them… Skye the Sink Cat on facebook.


    • None of my three cats are bossy (at least physically) but they do the eye thing. Deep stares = guilt. Hazel has been on a diet for about 3 years. She lost a lot of weight. It was successful because I could put the food for the other cats on a chest and she couldn’t jump up. Well, guess who I found having brunch on the chest. She has put a pound back on and I’m debating what to do. I can’t put higher because the older cat can barely jump up on the chest. Sigh.


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