Sassy cats – Bunny

Mollie-bunny on bed 2016

Mollie with her beloved Bunny

Housebound domestic cats need to relieve energy, aggression and/or stress. (Drugs are not the answer – not unless there is a severe problem.)

Outdoors they can run or hunt. They can scale trees and catch leaves. They need to find alternatives indoors.

Every cat is different. Morgan prefers live things. She will pounce on Hazel or Mollie or kill insects. (Our home is officially an insect-free site.) She also likes to pester people.

Hazel runs (sort of) in circles. It’s what she does.

Mollie is different. She has this bunny friend. It was sitting on an end table when she made it her own. That was years ago.

She and Bunny have had great adventures. Down the steps. Up the steps. Out in the porch. Back in the bedroom. Except for dirty ears which are the grabbing spots, it’s in pristine condition. It has a nose and the eyes are intact.

And it's a lovefest!

And it’s a love fest!

It’s not even a catnip bunny!

I need a stuffed bunny to release my stress! Jose Cuervo will have to do!

29 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Bunny

  1. Awwwwww, Mollie.. ♥ I have a stuffed bunny, Suds Bunny, I go grab him off the couch and snuggle him when I am feeling anxious. He was a gift from my Mom at Easter in 1987… 😀 I have a vision of Morgan pouncing… 🙂

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    • Mollie’s bunny is sometimes a punching bag but it works! Morgan is a pouncer. In this heat it’s been a little much for us all. The other two cats were wondering if she’ll ever grow up. I should have named her Peter Pan.


  2. Maybe your own bunny stuffed with a little herbal remedy will do? 🙂 Honestly, Mollie and her little bunny is just too sweet! I love seeing the different personalities in our pets. Mollie is a sweetie!

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  3. Love Mollie’s bunny!

    Our cats get/got to go outside on a leash . . . in MD, Tigger used his playground time to climb trees and chase bunnies. Here, he chases lizards.

    Inside he chases treats. And pounces!

    Cats rock!

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