The Versatile Blogger

This week I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by three different bloggers. All three are bloggers I follow and admire and I was touched.

After three rounds of the snoopy dance, I tried to research the award.  I had read notquiteold’s  take on it as a Ponzi Scheme and she may have had something there. If you Google it, there appears to be a lot of them over a period of time so it isn’t something that just happened.  There is nothing in WordPress about it.  Hmmmm…I am wondering if some ingenious blogger came up with the idea.  It is a brilliant idea. First it is so “feel good.” Second, in the course of looking at bloggers nominations, I found a bunch of new blogs I had never seen. Then I really had to figure out how to insert things like pictures and links for this post.

I am a new blogger and most of my favorite bloggers have already been tagged but so what!  You can never get too much of a good thing so to the three who nominated me, here’s right back at you:

Now for seven things about me (part of the deal is to disclose new information about myself):

  • I always wanted to be a rock star — a combination of Linda Ronstadt (love her voice) and Janis Joplin. I loved Janis’ energy but I am not interested in the drugs, booze and sex (well, let me rethink the sex part). I also wanted to live longer than she did. I must add that I am the only one in my family who cannot carry a tune.
  • I worked in Human Resources but I prefer animals.  They are much more predictable.
  • I am a sucker for cats. They are resourceful and very interesting. They have taught me a lot about life. They are not as needy as dogs (but I love dogs too).
  • The beloved husband is awesome. He is gorgeous, hot in a 60-ish sort of way, smart, but best of all, he tolerates me (and the cats).
  • When I can’t make a decision on which model to buy, I always get the red one.  It cuts through the crap.  Makes it simple. I usually have a red car, red laptop and a red cell phone. Those are all purchases I don’t like to spend too much time on. (Thank God for beloved husband who does the consumer report research.)
  • If I couldn’t be a rock star (and I probably couldn’t), I should have been a shoe designer – shoes and bags. My line would have been gorgeous and sexy and would have room for the orthopedic thingies. Move over Jimmy Choo!
  • I have a truly wonderful group of friends.

There are many worthy bloggers I am sure. Many I haven’t discovered yet as I spend most of my time wrestling with Flickr and looking for wonderful widgets. Here are a few recommendations (in addition to the three who nominated me):

  • Business Fitness – this is not a humorous blog but one that has great business advice written in a truly interesting way – great anecdotes.
  • Marie, Meandering – this is a newly discovered one. The writing is excellent.
  • The Fabulous Geezersisters – also newly discovered. This blogger is a writer and has several awards like the Blog Salad Ripe Tomato Award! Wow!
  • High Heels For All — it’s all about shoes.

 The rest will come later.

11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger

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  2. I can’t carry a tune either and Karen buys everything red. I always thought my lack of vocals came from my grandmother on my Dad’s side, but maybe it’s a combination of both the Rieker and Ehrets genes. I never had a chance! And you should see Karen’s apartment, everything is red from her sofa to her kitchenware. It may sound tacky, but it’s actually very tasteful. I think she got her decorating genes from you.


    • Your great grandmother (my mother) was a great singer. She sang in chorus at clubs. She also was very talented. She could make the most beautiful flowers out of crepe paper. This was way before silks (which are really polyester) flowers. Both your maternal grandfather and your Uncle Tom sang in high school. I am the only one with bad pipes and perhaps some on the Rieker side. Karen, well, she’s one of a kind!


  3. Awesome! Your new header is out of this world! Your award only the beginning! You have taken to this medium like a fish to water and are swimming like there’s no tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for the plug for my Business Fitness blog. You’re right, not much funny there unless you’ve felt the pain and can laugh about it.

    BTW, shoe designs yes…rock star no. I want you to stay out of jail! ~Dawn


  4. Love the new header picture! Kudos on 3 nominations. I also researched the award and as best I can figure, it is a blogger version of a chain letter. But, you are right, it makes the blogger feel good and gives us a chance to find blogs we might otherwise have overlooked. A win win!


    • Thanks. It took me all afternoon to take the picture (Hazel’s modeling experience is very limited and requires lots of kibble.) As for the blogger award, it’s a whole lot better than measles! and yes, it is a win-win.


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